What to do when you need to make an Auto Claim


If you have been in a non-life threatening accident, make sure to collect the following information:

  •   Name, addresses, phone numbers, and email from all drivers and witnesses
  •   Pictures of all driver's insurance ID cards
  •   Pictures of all drivers' licenses and license plate numbers
  •   Pictures of damage to each driver's car
  •   Take as many notes with detail of what led up to the accident (i.e. time of day, weather conditions, how busy the street was, if there were stop signs, etc.)
  •   If you were involved in an accident where the other driver did not stop, it is an uninsured motorist claim. YOU MUST HAVE A POLICE REPORT TO FILE THIS KIND OF CLAIM.
  •   If the accident was the other driver's fault, then file the claim with that driver's insurance company
  •   If the accident was your fault, file the claim with your insurance company


Should you have any questions or concerns about how to file your claim please call 713-283-5202 or 281-210-1177